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Shingeki No Kitten by VENXIAGNAR!! by VENXIASoraka the Starchild by VENXIA
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Heyo, I'm VENXIA, but my bros call me Venx.
I'm a 23 year old NEET/illustrator from IN, USA. I spend a lot of time reading webcomics and playing videogames. I used to run a webcomic called The Crucible Sequence, however right now it's on Hiatus while it gets rewritten.

I'm currently working hard on redesigning my characters to cure them of the sameface disease, and give them new outfits wherever possible. I primarily work digitally, and post very rarely on DevArt.

I like to get to know my followers and watchers, so remember you're always welcome to send me a note, ask, or comment and ask me whatever you would like.
Thanks for visiting!

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Acrylic Charms! New design and some in stock!! by VENXIA


Venxia's Icon Commission by Kiss-the-Iconist
I like to collect little avatars of my ocs, they're so cute!

Almadel || Book One Status

Website Remake Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Paetron Setup Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

Chapter One
Writing Pink Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Character Designs Pink Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Storyboarded Pink Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Lineart Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Flat Colors Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
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Title Page Purple Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
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Chapter Two          Chapter Three
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Chapter Four          Chapter Five
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Chapter Six 
Writing Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

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Arclight Varus by fazie69Reaper Soraka by fazie69Vladimir (New splash) by fazie69
Ishtar is a Fairyland PukiPuki Ante. I got her with the Pink Rose fullset! She came home after 61 days on August 6th, 2010.
Duncan Killian is a Luts Super Senior Delf Avalanche. He came home after 13 days on October 19th, 2010.
Hettar is a Soom Teenie Gem Minette, and he arrived on Febuary 22nd, 2011.
Giln is a Fairyland PukiPuki Lily. He arrived on April 26th,2012 and had the Caramel Mushroom Fullset!
Kida is a Fairyland Pukipuki Winter Faun Kanu. She arrived April 23rd, 2013 after 88 days.
Luto the Fairyland Chicline Bohemian Ital also arrived on April 23rd, 2013, after 88 days.
I also have a Luts Kid Delf Moonlit Song Lolly who is currently nameless. She arrived on April 26th, 2013 after 5 days!!



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3:12 pm
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11:42 am
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whoops I really wanted to do this today but I still have 15 min so HERE IT IS!
I have a lot of fun new (and some old) wips this time around!
As always you guys can pick which picture I stream on Thurs if you want it doesn't really matter to me!
Anyway lets go through the inventory!

Zoro Acrylic charm design ) It's still a sketch but I'm pretty sure he's turning out ADORABLE
Almadel p5 sketch ) This page has been giving me a lot of trouble... to be honest it's really been holding me up but it's so hard!
Dragoness ) cleaned up sketch and rough colors for a would be painting. The prompt was 'A cute dragon girl dressed in lolita attire sitting on a pile of treasure and bones with a skull cup she's drinking tea from.'
walking home ) Halvar's walk home from class through the park. Trying to make a contrast between the cools of the cityscape in the background and the warmth of the wooded area.
Tristana acrylic charm design ) Finishing up the details on the back. This will actually be done before I got o sleep, I think.
Reading Spot ) A really, really, really old scrap of a naga sitting in a tree. I want to finish it at some point but???
Thoughts ) Personal painting, I tend to work on it when I'm feeling sad. Was made with no lineart, I'm actually pretty proud of the figure even if it is prolly never going to reach completion
So many WIPs, so little time
Acrylic Charms! New design and some in stock!! by VENXIA
Acrylic Charms! New design and some in stock!!
[1/17] VEL'KOZ AND LUFFY ARE IN STOCK! Product images will be available later this week but let me spoil it for you, they're AMAZING! Also a new design is up, it's a CAT! But also a LOAF OF BREAD?? Say Hi to the first of the CATLOAF set!! :D

1 | Spock and a catloaf | PREORDERS OPEN
2 | Luffy | IN STOCK
4 | Vel'koz making bacon | IN STOCK
5 | Molasses the Marbled Rye Calico | PREORDERS OPEN
6 | Riot Tristana | PREORDERS OPEN
8 | suggestions open
9 | suggestions open
10 | suggestions open

I want to start making some acrylic charms, so here we go, 25 slots for charms yeah!
You can suggest any character from any show/anime/manga/game or whatever in the first 20 slots! In the last five slots you can suggest my characters, characters from my comic The Crucible Sequence, or animals. You can suggest whatever you want! I hope you guys will pick something fun for me to draw!! :D

Please make some suggestions!
I'll be livestreaming some of these later, I think. I just need to get my house cleaned a bit. </3

[edit 10/17] I just added the second charm, Luffy! Both Spock and Luffy are in preorder stage right now. I hope you guys will grab one if you have the money! If you don't want to order through my storenvy page you can send me a note as well.
Preorders will end when any two charms have a total of 20 preorders! Hopefully I'll be getting more of these done now.

[11/6] I'm happy to finally announce that Vel'koz has gone into the store, due to my boyfriend's request! Currently preorders for the Acrylic charms are open, however I'm planning on getting some wooden charms printed as well! Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you guys soon!
Do you like Instagram? I have one now! Go find me there I'm Venx.ia

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Hello! It's kinda rare but i found your profile via..bandcamp! C: It results we have similar music taste - i really felt in love with Elsiane c: I was browsing your favourites tracks and i find this amazing Child of Light Soundtrack! Thank you for this! C:
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Sweetie pie I love your icon X"D I wish I hadn't changed mine.
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Hiya! Came over from The Crucible and was wondering how things are going. ^.^
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Happy Birthday!! :D
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Congrats gal!
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